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French-Language Bundle

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For anyone who speaks French or wants to learn, UL Press presents two French-language children's books celebrating what makes Louisiana French unique. Both are sure to delight as you read, with engaging images for even the youngest francophones.


B Pour Bayou: Un Abécédaire Cadien

by Richard Guidry; Illustrated by Réjean Roy  


In the heart of the Bayou, where the Cipre rises from the swamp, a Cocodrie slumbers. Can you see it, as you perch in your Arbre a poules?In Nenaine's kitchen, the aroma of Debris and Jambalaya fills the air.

B pour bayou is a Louisiana French alphabet book originally conceived by late, great Cajun French language advocate, Richard Guidry.

Designed to bring Louisiana and its unique species of French to life for young readers, B pour Bayou is a wonderful gift for anyone interested in passing on Louisiana's linguistic heritage to new generations. 

Hardcover | 72 Pages | ISBN:  9782897501617 © 2019


Jean-le-Chasseur et ses chiens: une conte cadien

Jean-le-Chasseur et ses chiens is an adaptation of a traditional Louisiana French folktale. It features a written style of Louisiana French designed to represent its origin in oral tradition. Beautifully illustrated, Jean-le-chasseur will capture the attention of readers of all ages. French, with English translation.

Barry Jean Ancelet is a writer, storyteller, singer, and professor emeritus of Francophone studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Ancelet is very interested in the structure of words and ideas. He writes poems, plays, songs, and stories, all informed by the spoken French of Louisiana.

Denise Gallagher was born and raised in Louisiana. She loves the songs of the cicada, the scent of magnolia, and the creation of beautiful things. Her work is a compelling blend of mystery and whimsy--teeming with flora and fauna and infused with just a hint of magic. To see more of Gallagher's work, visit

Softcover | 32 Pages | ISBN:  9781935754817  © 2016