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Dog Lover Bundle
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Dog Lover Bundle

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Shopping for the dog lover in your life? Check out this new discount bundle on Denise Gallagher's A Tip Tap Tale and John Slaughter's Catahoula. Get this set today!

The package includes:

Catahoula: Louisiana State Dog

Catahoula is more than just a dog picture-book. The origins began in 1993, when photographer John Slaughter was commissioned by a Catahoula-themed restaurant located in Calistoga, California. Following that project, he continued to photograph the Louisiana State Dog. What makes Catahoulas such an interesting subject is that they come in so many different colors, including their eyes. Many of the most striking images are of the dogs' faces. They have an other-worldly stare that says "I am an individual, I am thinking, I am watching, do not assume that I am like other dogs." Included in this book are several owner articles as well as a section entitled "Cowdogs and Cowboys," as Catahoulas are known for their herding instincts.

Slaughter has been exhibiting photos since 1975 and has brought his composition skills and color sense to bear here.

ISBN: 9781935754718, Softcover, 112 pp., ©2015


A Tip Tap Tale
BouZou, a singing, guitar playing hound dog is happy at home in his Louisiana swamp performing for the mudbugs and bullfrogs and stars above. When a cat named Slick Jim Jack shows up and entices BouZou to perform in the big city of New Aw-Leens, he can’t resist the tales of a gold guitar, t-bone steaks, and endless rubber balls. This Tip Tap Tale follows BouZou and Slick Jim Jack as they amble along, howling and singing a hound dog song with a triple twist and turn about—performing for the cheering, adoring crowds in New Aw-Leens. But an unshakable nemesis could spell trouble for BouZou and his newfound fame. Be-bop along with the colorful characters and lyrical language that make A Tip Tap Tale a fun-to-read romp through the swamps and big city of a jazzy Louisiana landscape.

About the Author

Denise Gallagher is a graphic designer and artist whose works pull from her rich imagination and the inspiration of her Louisiana home. Denise has received awards from the Society of Illustrators New York, the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, Communication Arts Magazine, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and her work has been displayed in museums across the country. She currently is happily residing in a little patch of sun in Lafayette, Louisiana, with her loving husband, two sons, and a couple of lazy hound dogs.

ISBN: 978-1946160096, Hardcover with dust jacket, 32 pp., ©2017