Louisiana Politicians Bundle
Louisiana Politicians Bundle
Louisiana Politicians Bundle

Louisiana Politicians Bundle

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Louisiana is well-known for its unique —and often—politics and politicians. The stories of two of the state's most famous leaders, Buddy Roemer and Bob Livingston, told in their own words, can be purchased together for a limited time.


Scopena: A Memoir of Home

by Charles E. "Buddy" Roemer III 

In Scopena: A Memoir of Home, former U.S. representative and Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer shares with readers his early experiences growing up on his family’s cotton plantation in Bossier Parish, Louisiana. Set upon thousands of acres of land, Scopena was not only a major business but also its own community. At its heart were Roemer’s parents, Budgie and Adeline, two remarkable individuals who raised a family and ran a large farming operation amidst much change. Growing up on Scopena in the 1950s and 60s, Roemer witnessed these changes—scientific, agricultural, technical, and racial revolutions—that redefined traditional farm life and which he, like his parents, embraced with idealism and optimism.

Roemer gives his readers personal reflections on the influential people and events that taught him life lessons he held on to when he left the farm in 1960, at age sixteen, to enter Harvard University, and that eventually helped shape his political career, from the U.S. House of Representatives to the Governor’s Mansion, and most recently in a spirited campaign for President in 2012.

Softcover | 298 Pages | ISBN:  9781946160027 © 2017


The Windmill Chaser: Triumphs and Less in American Politics

by Bob Livingston

Robert L.“Bob” Livingston Jr. was born to an American middle-class family. His father left when he was very young, but Livingston and his sister were raised by a strong mother who gave them both a good education and a vigorous work ethic. From an early age, he was blessed with a sense of humor that would carry him through good times and bad.

After a successful career as a prosecutor in New Orleans, Livingston was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1977. In addition to overseeing the only balanced budget in recent memory, Livingston, as Speaker-elect, oversaw the House proceedings that led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998. In his memorable last speech to Congress, he maintained that Clinton had inflicted irreparable damage on the country by lying under oath. Having been threatened with the exposure of his own personal indiscretions, Livingston famously shocked the country and stunned his colleagues and constituents by abruptly resigning his seat in Congress, while challenging President Clinton to resign as well.

The story of Bob Livingston is an American story. He began with little, worked hard, and made a lasting impact on American politics. The story of his successes and his failures is compelling and instructive. He tasted fame and fortune. He learned from his mistakes and survived. He found redemption in a successful and vibrant career and in the love of his children and wonderful wife of fifty-two years. Today, he is a happy man.

Hardcover with dust jacket | 320 Pages | ISBN:  9781946160270  © 2018