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This holiday season, UL Press is offering two of its most esteemed photography collections as the perfect gift bundle. Both works, Louisiana Trail Riders by Jeremiah Ariaz and The Good Times Rolled: Black New Orleans, 1978–1982 by Bernard Hermann, offer glimpses into unique cultures and traditions in Louisiana through the lens of gifted photographers.


Louisiana Trail Riders

African American Trail Riding Clubs have their roots in the Creole culture formed in South Louisiana in the eighteenth century. Today trail rides are an opportunity for generations of people to gather, celebrate, and ride horseback. The riders form a distinctive yet little-known sub-culture in Southwest Louisiana. In addition to sharing an important aspect of Louisiana’s cultural heritage, Ariaz’s photographs assert a counter-narrative to historic representations of the cowboy and prevailing images of difference and despair in Black America. For more information on this project visit:

Jeremiah Ariaz, creates works that explore both the geography and ideology of the American West. He received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and MFA from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Ariaz has exhibited and been invited to speak about his photography internationally. Projects include Staging the West, Tucumcari, Reconsidering Landscape, Shadow Root: Retracing the Santa Fe Trail, Fact and Fiction: Imaging the West, and Louisiana Trail Riders. Louisiana Trail Riders is the first project set in his adopted Southern home of Louisiana where he is an Associate Professor of Art at Louisiana State University.

Hardcover | 152 Pages | ISBN:  9781946160225 |  © 2018


The Good Times Rolled: Black New Orleans, 1978–1982

The Good Times Rolled comes from the French phrase laissez les bons temps rouler, which symbolizes the spirit of the city of New Orleans. Festive and flamboyant, the legendary Crescent City is a cauldron in which the spicy flavors of many different cultures and races have blended for nearly three centuries. Bernard Hermann's images capture the unique intensity of New Orleans's African American community and in doing so reveal the true soul of this exotic American city.

Bernard Hermann is a photographer based out of Paris, France. He has photographed locations around the world and has published books on five different continents. In 1978, Hermann traveled to New Orleans for what he expected to be a brief visit. He was so captivated by the Crescent City and its unique culture that he lingered until 1982. During this four-year stay he photographed African American life in the sultry Big Easy--as the good times rolled.

Hardcover | 256 Pages | ISBN:  9781935754725  © 2015