The Complete Zachary Richard Bundle
The Complete Zachary Richard Bundle
The Complete Zachary Richard Bundle
The Complete Zachary Richard Bundle
The Complete Zachary Richard Bundle

The Complete Zachary Richard Bundle

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For any fan of musician and poet Zachary Richard, this set is a must-buy! Complete with two books of poetry and two children's books, get your set today!


Fair Récolte: poésie

Les chansons de Zachary Richard nous avaient déjà fait connaître une grande sensibilité et un attachement undéfectible à sa Louisiane natale. Faire récolte nous amène plus loin encore dans l’exploration de son univers personnel et son rapport avec la culture de son milieu. Dans un mélange de registres allant du haïku à la complainte, de la tendresse à la vocifération, ce sont les thèmes des saisons et des voyages, du passé et du présent qui alimentent une œuvre unique dans le courant des littératures francophones d’aujourd’hui.

Softcover (French) | 136 Pages | ISBN:  9781935754541 © 2014


Outre le mont: poésie

Zachary Richard began writing poetry in 1968 after a chance encounter with Allen Ginsberg in New Orleans. Influenced by the Beats and particularly by Gary Snyder, Zachary's poetry is rhythmically complex and often logically challenging. The principal themes are enlightenment according to the Zen tradition, the power of nature, and francophone identity in North America. 

In 1998, Zachary received the Prix Littéraire Champlain for Faire Récolte (Make Harvest). Feu (Fire) was awarded the Prix Roland Gasparic in Bucharest, Rumania in 2003. Outre le Mont is his fourth collection.

Softcover | 123 Pages | ISBN:  9781935754626  © 2015


The Legend of L'il Red

The Legend of L'il Red is a fable in the Aesop's tradition for children of all ages. It is a story of friendship, persistence, tolerance, and love. The two principal characters, a blind turtle and a one-clawed baby crawfish, find each other in the middle of a hurricane. The Legend of L'il Red is the story of their adventures as they set off in search of a new claw for the little crawfish, encountering a host of incredible creatures and confronting big challenges along the way.

Born in Paris in 1971, Sarah Lattès is an illustrator and multi-disciplinary visual artist. As a young girl of eight, Sarah was the inspiration for this tale, written for her by her stepfather, Zachary Richard. Discovering the manuscript twenty years later, as a surprise for her parents, she created the illustrations which eventually led to this publication.

Softcover | 52 Pages | ISBN: 9781935754749  © 2015


L'il Red in the Great White North

In this second installment of The Adventures of L’il Red and Hopewell Green series, the Louisiana duo find themselves transported to the Great White North (Canada), where they find an array of new friends and adventures.

Softcover | 94 Pages | ISBN:  9781946160133  © 2017