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Snippets of New Orleans

This book is my most earnest and honest reflection of New Orleans: triumphant and tragic, gaudy and gritty, elegant and ugly, rich and poor, a city that embodies all these and other polar opposites with a perverse kind of grace. My account is flawed and incomplete in the way all our experiences are flawed and incomplete: there are always vistas left to see, flavors left to try, stories left to hear; there are assumptions made, words misunderstood, histories distorted. May this book communicate the New Orleans I know, and may you weave your own New Orleans truth between the pages.  - Emma Fick


Crescent City Snow

Part guidebook, part diary, part biography of fifty snowball stands and their customers in the greater New Orleans area.


Bayou Sara: Used To Be

Featuring fascinating collections of early images and excerpts from memoirs, journals, and newspaper dispatches that shed light on this intriguing ghost town.


A Visionary Adventurer: Arsène Lacarrière Latour 1778-1837, the Unusual Travels of a Frenchman in the Americas

“a nineteenth-century Renaissance man—[Latour] was an architect, a military engineer, a soldier, a historian, and an agent provocateur who represented the type of adventurer who flocked to Louisiana during the early nineteenth century.” –Gene Allen Smith, professor of history, Texas Christian University







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