A Curious Friend: All About The Adventures of Jeremy Goose

With the warm Louisiana spring rolling in, children are eager to get back outside. One of New Orleans locals' favorite family activities for a sunny day is visiting the beautiful Audubon Park. Next time you're there taking a stroll along the banks, be sure to look for our good friend Jeremy Goose, the star of Sylvaine Sancton's children's book The Adventures of Jeremy Goose

Sancton documented Jeremy's life from when he was just a hatchling all the way into adulthood. She visited Jeremy every day for five months to photograph him and his family, observing the way they interacted with each other, the environment, and other wildlife. After looking at her collection of thousands of photographs, Sancton saw how they told the story of Jeremy's growth. She then began to arrange them, choosing the very best photos from each stage of his life, and before she knew it, The Adventures of Jeremy Goose was born.

As a curious gosling, Jeremy likes to explore. Jeremy's mom and dad warn him about the dangers of going off on his own, but sometimes his curiosity gets the best of him. Even though he often gets into trouble, the love of Jeremy’s family always prevails. As he continues to grow, he becomes more independent and begins to take on responsibilities. This charming coming-of-age story teaches young readers important life lessons about family, curiosity, and growing up. An ideal book for parents to read to preschoolers and for older children to read by themselves as they laugh at Jeremy's antics and marvel at the beautiful photographs, The Adventures of Jeremy Goose is bound to be a family favorite!

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