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Jean Laffite Revealed by Ashley Oliphant and Beth Yarbrough

Ashley Oliphant and Beth Yarbrough

WCNC Charlotte "The Mystery of Jean Laffite and Lincolnton"

Ashley Oliphant and Beth Yarbrough sit down and talk about the famous pirate Jean Laffite and his connection to the made Lorenzo Ferrer who lived in Lincolnton . . . Watch Now

Lincoln Times-News on "the secrets behind the ties of the pirate Jean Laffite to Lincolnton"

That the infamous New Orleans pirate Jean Laffite has ties to Lincolnton is not well known. That’s about the change with the release of a book by Ashley Oliphant and Beth Yarbrough, two Lincoln County writers, “Jean Laffite Revealed: Unraveling One of America’s Longest Running Mysteries . . . Read Now

Denver Citizen "In search of Jean Laffite: Was Lincolnton man really the famous pirate?"

Lincolnton natives Ashley Oliphant, an English professor at Pfeiffer University, and her mother, Beth Yarbrough, author of the blog “Southern Voice,” spent two years researching Ferrer – a man who many people believed was the pirate Jean Laffite – for their book, “Jean Laffite Revealed: Unraveling One of America’s Longest Running Mysteries” . . . Read Now

Lincoln Herald "Jean Laffite Book Sheds Light On Mysterious Pirate"

Piracy has been with us, a fact of life in maritime nations, for long millennia. It remains alive and well to this day, all over the world. But most folks, when they think of piracy, surely conjure up the images of its golden age, which lasted some 80 years and ended not quite three centuries ago. . . Read Now

Cablog by Dege Legg

Dege Legg

Bayou Hack Press: CABLOG author, Dege Legg, talks music, life, quarantine and, of course, his book

Award-winning writer and musician Dege Legg, aka Brother Dege, has charted an unconventional career course, following a creative spirit and impulsive gut along a zig-zag path . . . Read Now

Largehearted Boy: Dege Legg's Playlist for His Memoir Cablog

Being a musician and writer, there is always music in my head. Sometimes it is my music. But mostly it is the music of great songwriters, rattling around in my subconscious. They inform every moment . . . Read Now

KRVS Interview with Dege Legg

An interview with Grammy nominee, journalist, and author Dege Legg . . . Listen Now

Fox 8 Interview with Dege Legg

Fox 8 interviews author and musician Dege Legg about his book Cablog: Diary of a Cabdriver . . . Watch Now

The Fear of Everything by John McNally

John McNally

Reading and Writing Podcast Interview with John McNally

The 333rd episode of the Reading & Writing podcast features an interview with John McNally, author of the collection The Fear of Everything: Stories . . . . Listen Now

Fiction Writers Review Interview John McNally

I read The Fear of Everything in one sitting, a thing I rarely do with collections of stories. But, from the first pages, I found it hard to pull away from the sense of tangible longing at its core . . . Read Now

Largehearted Boy: John McNally's Playlist for His Story Collection The Fear of Everything

When I write short stories, I’m increasingly less interested in how things change during the course of the narrative in terms of action and increasingly more interested in how to push the narrative forward through mood . . . Read Now

WRKF Radio Interview with John McNally

General Russel Honore‘ discusses The Fear of Everything with John McNally . . . Listen Now

Jean Laffite Revealed by Ashley Oliphant and Beth Yarbrough

Jean Laffite Revealed by Ashley Oliphant and Beth Yarbrough

The Stanly News & Press "Pfeiffer professor and her mother pen book uncovering the truth behind the pirate Jean Laffite"

"While Laffite, who was born near the end of the 18th century, is probably not as familiar to the average person as Edward Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard, people like Oliphant and her mother who grew up in Lincolnton have a special connection with the man.” . . . Read Now

Cablog by Dege Legg

Cablog by Dege Legg

The Advocate on Dege Legg and Cablog

Legg based "Cablog" on the fare logs he kept for City Cab Company from 2003 to 2008. He blogged contemporaneously about the experience, amassing 800 pages of source material . . . Read Now

Antigravity Magazine on Cablog

Legg has a knack for telling these stories in short, on-the-head entries certain to captivate both obsessive literary hounds and non-readers alike . . . Read Now

When I Was an Alligator by Gayle Webre and Drew Beech

When I Was an Alligator by Gayle Webre and Drew Beech

Manhattan Book Review on When I Was an Alligator

Children will love this imaginative tale. They will lavish in its predictability and will look forward to seeing what transformation awaits them next . . . Read Now

The Fear of Everything by John McNally

The Fear of Everything by John McNally

New York Journal of Books on The Fear of Everything

although McNally’s stories seem unbelievable at first, they throb with a recognizable human heartbeat, powered by love and regret and the mystery of life . . . Read Now

Foreword Reviews on The Fear of Everything

These stories are not inhabited by traditional supernatural monsters, but rather by the specters of regret for decisions made or not made, and by the repercussions of unrealized opportunities and events long past . . . Read Now

Another Chicago Magazine on The Fear of Everything

I’m here to say John McNally’s new story collection has reenergized me as a reader and a writer, and I fully expect it will exert those powers on you . . . Read Now

The Acadiana Advocate on Roy House Conference Room Naming (12/23/2021)

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette, which owns the 120-year-old historic Roy House home at the intersection of Johnston and University, said its planned $800,000 restoration, which may be complete in 2022, will include an honor to Joseph Broussard — “Beausoleil” — and his descendants . . . Read Now

Center for Louisiana Studies on New Center for Louisiana Studies Fellows (Spring 2021)

Center for Louisiana Studies Fellows are recognized scholars of Louisiana Studies who serve five-year terms working in close affiliation with the Center . . . Read Now

The Acadiana Advocate on Philanthropist Helping UL's Roy House Hit Fundraising Goal (12/09/2020)

Enthusiasts for the 120-year-old former home of J. Arthur Roy, an early Lafayette business leader and community stalwart, reached and surpassed their goal of generating some $800,000 to restore the two-story, 5,000-square-foot building . . . Read Now

Book Trailer for Cablog: Diary of a Cabdriver

Excerpt Video for Cablog: Diary of a Cabdriver
Warning: Explicit Content