Meet Our Staff

Dr. Joshua Caffery (Director/Publisher) joined UL Press and the Center for Louisiana Studies in the summer of 2018. He is an author and musician who holds a Ph.D. in English and Folklore from the University of Louisiana.

Devon Lord (Managing Editor) holds an MA from Georgetown University and a BA from the University of Texas, both in History. Previously, she worked for Gibbs Smith Publisher in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as the State Department and Smithsonian in Washington, DC. 

Somer Greer (Sales and Marketing Manager) comes to the UL Press from Baltimore with a background in academic marketing. He earned writing degrees from Florida State University and Johns Hopkins University.

Mary Duhé (Production Manager) is an alumnus of UL Lafayette with an MA and BA in History and minor in Architecture. She’s worked for the UL Press since 2012. 

Chloe Barton (Graduate Assistant, Design) holds a BS in architecture. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Architecture at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  

Marie Massonneau (Graduate Assistant, Content and Marketing) graduated with an MA in Marketing and International Business Negotiation in her native city of Paris, France. Now, after living in Louisiana for the past four years, she’s in pursuit of an MBA degree here at UL Lafayette. 

Gracie Babineaux (Student Assistant, Bookkeeping and Fulfillment) is a professional Cajun musician and songwriter who enjoys studying her native Cajun French language. She is currently an Environmental Geology major.