Cajun Music: A Reflection of a People Volume II

Cajun Music: A Reflection of a People Volume II

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Cajun Music: A Reflection of a People Vol. II

by Ann Savoy


About the Book

The long awaited Cajun Music A Reflection of a People Volume II continues exploring the fascinating world of Cajun music, Cajun musicians, and the rich Louisiana culture surrounding the music. Beautifully illustrated with historical and recent photographs, thirty five English and Cajun French interviews and biographies, over 100 songs with French translations and phonetics, this book is a must have for lovers of the south and lovers of Louisiana culture everywhere. 


About the Author

Ann Savoy is a musician, an author, a record producer, and a photographer. As a musician, she has played guitar, fiddle, and accordion and traveled throughout the world with her husband accordionist Marc Savoy and fiddler Michael Doucet in the Savoy Doucet Cajun Band, with her all-woman band The Magnolia Sistersand with Marc and their talented sons in the Savoy Family Band.


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