A White Hot Plan

A White Hot Plan

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A White Hot Plan

by Mike and Ayan Rubin

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About the Book

A group of alt-right terrorists decides that now is the time—and New Orleans is the place—to make an explosive statement that will force the world to acknowledge the superiority of the white supremacist movement.

Disgraced former New Orleans homicide detective Starner Gautreaux is now a poorly-paid rural sheriff’s deputy relegated to writing his weekly quota of speeding tickets in a sleepy South Louisiana parish. His mundane life is tedious and all too predictable until several unusual events occur that cause him to suspect something is seriously amiss. While the local coroner classifies the resulting deaths as accidental, Starner’s prior experience leads him to believe that not only are they homicides, but also that they signal something far more sinister.

Taut action bubbles up from the swamps of Louisiana to the hidden haunts of underworld bosses, from small-town life to urban grit, and from a high-speed highway shootout to a terrifying confrontation in the heart of the French Quarter. White supremacists seek to impose their will on a city swamped with carefree tourists, but Starner Gautreaux is determined not to let that happen.


About the Authors

The husband-and-wife writing team of Mike and Ayan Rubin co-author award-winning thrillers. Mike is a public speaker and humorist, a full time appellate attorney, and a former law professor, as well as having been a professional jazz pianist in the New Orleans French Quarter. Ayan is a developmental book editor, a former television script writer, a prolific grant writer, and the former Coordinator of the Educational Services for Louisiana Public Broadcasting, a statewide television network. Their compelling tales have enthralled readers from around the world.


Praise for A White Hot Plan

"Mike and Ayan Rubin have crafted a delicious Faulkner-esque novel. Protagonist Starner Gautreaux is well-crafted with enduring traits and skills. A White Hot Plan is storytelling at its finest. The novel captures the spirit of the South with genuine characters oozing with skills, flaws, and personalities that evoke an entertaining spectrum of human emotions. An exciting, breathtaking ride of a story."—Wayne Avrashow, Esq., author of Center Stage: A Political Thriller, Amazon bestseller

“Taut, twisty, thrilling story of a nightmarish plot to blow up New Orleans—and a disgraced cop racing against time and his own troubled past to stop it. A school bus filled with innocent children and high explosives; a white supremacist militia terror group looking to make the ultimate violent political statement; corrupt cops and public officials . . . Mike and Ayan Rubin burn up the pages with this riveting tale from the dark underbelly of the Bayou. What a helluva read!”—R. G. Belsky, author of the award-winning Clare Carlson series 

"Sure-handed writing, an exotic setting, and a fascinating cast of characters all come together like a slipknot in this tightly-plotted contemporary thriller. A White Hot Plan is a lightning-paced hardboiled winner!"—Baron Birtcher, LA Times bestselling author of Reckoning

“With its terrifying and all-too-real plot involving white supremacists bent on annihilating the diverse city of New Orleans, A White Hot Plan is a gripping, propulsive thriller I couldn’t put down.”—Ellen Byron, USA Today bestselling author

"A White Hot Plan is an expertly written thriller that moves with blistering speed across south Louisiana, where a dangerous, ugly secret lurks within the haunting natural beauty. When Sheriff’s Deputy Starner Gautreaux can no longer ignore the corruption around him, or the damage his years of turning a blind eye has caused to his self-respect, he learns that redemption might cost him everything—including his life—as he races to thwart the apocalyptic scheme of a band of militant racists."—Roger Johns, 2018 Georgia Author of the Year (Detective-Mystery Category), and author of the Wallace Hartman mysteries

A White Hot Plan is like a thrilling airboat ride through the bayou filled with a spicy cast of characters blended like a delicious gumbo.”—Mike Roche, author of the Detective Kate Alexander crime novels

"Though the novel is fiction, Michael and Ayan Rubin have provided a useful lens through which to view what has been and what may be, though the thinking the book provokes is unsettling. It is sure to find many enthusiastic readers."—Barbara Sims, The Advocate


Listen to Mike Rubin's interview with Talk Louisiana here.


© 2023 Mike and Ayan Rubin

Paperback | 6" x 9" | ISBN: 9781946160973