David Armand

David Armand was born and raised in Louisiana. From 2017–2019, he served as writer-in-residence at Southeastern Louisiana University, where he is currently Assistant Professor of creative writing. An award-winning author, including the 2022 Louisiana Writer Award, Armand has published four novels, three collections of poetry, and a memoir.

News & Reviews

Deep South Magazine "Ornaments of Memory: A Review of ‘Mirrors and Other Reflections’"

"How did we get to where we are now? What were the scrapes, stutters and blemishes on the way here? There are little ornaments of memory decorating all of us. These moments may seem unassuming as they happen, even insignificant, but one day when we drive past an old street sign or catch sight of a crack in a coffee table, we realize that they’ve somehow morphed into the structural parts of how we came to be. . ." Read Now

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