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Dege Legg is a Grammy-nominated musician (Django Unchained, original soundtrack) and award-winning writer born and raised in southern Louisiana. In addition to driving a cab, he has a BA in philosophy and has worked as a dishwasher, journalist, manual laborer, warehouseman, mechanic, driver, line cook, and a caseworker in a homeless shelter in order to support his artistic compulsions. He writes music, records, and tours the USA and Europe with his band Brother Dege & The Brethren. Visit him at

“Brother Dege is a far-out dude.” — Quentin Tarantino

“Brother Dege is one of the best-kept secrets in the Deep South.” — Uncut magazine

“A southern diamond in the rough.” — Americana UK

"Legg has a knack for telling these stories in short, on-the-head entries certain to captivate both obsessive literary hounds and non-readers alike." — William Archambeault, Antigravity magazine review


Bayou Hack Press: CABLOG author, Dege Legg, talks music, life, quarantine and, of course, his book

Award-winning writer and musician Dege Legg, aka Brother Dege, has charted an unconventional career course, following a creative spirit and impulsive gut along a zig-zag path . . . Read Now

Chapter One Podcast interview with Dege Legg

From the penthouse suites on high to the crack houses on the low, Dege churns out thick-skinned tales about downtrodden derelicts, minor victories for the forgotten, and redemption in the face of it all . . . Read Now

Largehearted Boy: Dege Legg's Playlist for His Memoir Cablog

Being a musician and writer, there is always music in my head. Sometimes it is my music. But mostly it is the music of great songwriters, rattling around in my subconscious. They inform every moment . . . Read Now

KRVS Interview with Dege Legg

An interview with Grammy nominee, journalist, and author Dege Legg . . . Listen Now

Fox 8 Interview with Dege Legg

Fox 8 interviews author and musician Dege Legg about his book Cablog: Diary of a Cabdriver . . . Watch Now

News & Reviews

Offbeat Magazine "CabLog Diary of a (Musical) Cabdriver"

In mid-’90s New Orleans, the bar Check Point Charlie wasn’t for the faint of heart, especially after midnight. Lurking on the edge of the French Quarter, Check Point doubled as a laundromat, late-night eatery and pool . . . Read Now

The Blasting Days review of Cablog

Cablog is 200 pages of interesting stories, with people that are often not what you’d expect at first, with all their complexities and contradictions, strengths and failures . . . Read Now

Bayou Hack Press review of Cablog

Dege Legg’s Cablog, a five-year account of night shift cab driving in Lafayette, Louisiana, is, quite simply, so good, it’s difficult to put down . . . Read Now

The Advocate on Dege Legg and Cablog

Legg based "Cablog" on the fare logs he kept for City Cab Company from 2003 to 2008. He blogged contemporaneously about the experience, amassing 800 pages of source material . . . Read Now

Antigravity Magazine on Cablog

Legg has a knack for telling these stories in short, on-the-head entries certain to captivate both obsessive literary hounds and non-readers alike . . . Read Now

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Cablog Book Trailer

Cablog Excerpt Video - WARNING: Explicit Content

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