Boudin: A Guide to Louisiana's Extraordinary Link

Boudin: A Guide to Louisiana's Extraordinary Link

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A Guide to Louisiana's Extraordinary Link

by Robert Carriker

A defining feature of South Louisiana’s distinct Cajun culture is its food, and in a region boasting of numerous decadent culinary attractions, boudin, a simple, yeoman sausage of cooked pork, rice, onions, and seasonings, stands out as an iconic and region-defining food. Louisiana’s extraordinary link is moving fast onto the culinary scene and this insider’s guide to the link serves as a vehicle to understand the history of boudin, its transcendent cultural significance, and when and where to get it. Written by Robert Carriker (aka Dr. Boudin), the founder of and the annual Boudin Cook-Off, this book features over two dozen of the top boudin stops across South Louisiana. The reader will be treated to an introduction to the place, the links, and the people who make them. Each featured location’s overview is accompanied by mouthwatering photographs from photographer Denny Culbert.

Softcover, 76 pp., ©2012

ISBN: 9781935754206