Cablog: Diary of a Cabdriver

Cablog: Diary of a Cabdriver

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Cablog: Diary of a Cabdriver

by Dege Legg



About the Book

A broke and unemployed musician lands a gig driving a cab through the swamplands of south Louisiana while bobbing and weaving through a nighttime world ruled by drugs, guns, saints, and strippers. In this fuel-injected work of creative nonfiction, Grammy-nominated musician and award-winning writer Dege Legg—aka Brother Dege—recounts five years behind the wheel while documenting the underworld of Lafayette and its Cajun and Creole hinterlands. From the penthouse suites on high to the crack houses on the low, Legg churns out thick-skinned tales about downtrodden derelicts, minor victories for the forgotten, and redemption in the face of it all. Cablog reverberates with tones of Bukowski, Miller, Chandler, and Kerouac while charting its own new territory of the human spirit.


About the Author

Dege Legg is a Grammy-nominated musician (Django Unchained, original soundtrack) and award-winning writer born and raised in southern Louisiana. In addition to driving a cab, he has a BA in philosophy and has worked as a dishwasher, journalist, manual laborer, warehouseman, mechanic, driver, line cook, and a caseworker in a homeless shelter in order to support his artistic compulsions. He writes music, records, and tours the USA and Europe with his band Brother Dege & The Brethren. Visit him at



“Brother Dege is a far-out dude.” — Quentin Tarantino

“Brother Dege is one of the best-kept secrets in the Deep South.” — Uncut magazine

“A southern diamond in the rough.” — Americana UK


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Paperback | 233 Pages | 6" x 9" | ISBN: 9781946160706