Gateway to New Orleans: Bayou St. John, 1708-2018

Gateway to New Orleans: Bayou St. John, 1708-2018

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by Louisiana Landmark Society

Editors: Mary Louise Mossy Christovich, Florence M. Jumonville, and Heather Veneziano

Authors: Hilary Somerville Irvin, R. Stephanie Bruno, Heather Veneziano, and S. Frederick Starr

Photographers: Robert Brantley and Jan White Brantley

Preface by: Richard Campanella

Gateway to New Orleans: Bayou St. John, 1708-2018 traces the history and architecture of the historic Faubourg St. John in New Orleans, from pre-colonial days through its evolution from a glorious semi-rural village into a popular suburban neighborhood. Published to commemorate the tricentennial anniversary of the founding of New Orleans, this trek began years ago with editor Mary Louise Christovich's inaugural research and prescient vision of recording the history and architecture of this, the future city's first European settlement. Through rich narratives, scholarly research, and gripping historical accounts, the book transcends a mere architectural survey of the neighborhood. The boundaries of the historic Faubourg St. John set the parameters for coverage from the north side of Orleans to the south side of Esplanade Avenue and from the west side of North Broad to both banks of Moss Street. Personalities, as well as geographical and economic factors and architectural trends, are explored along the way, utilizing Orleans Parish richly abundant and unique archival resources. Exquisite full-color photographs by Robert and Jan Brantley provide contemporary views of the neighborhood, supplementing the text and pairing with notarial drawings, historical photographs, and paintings to yield a visual understanding of the landscape of this bayou neighborhood and its influence on the establishment of the city. Without it, New Orleans would not exist where it does today. 

About the authors: Founded in 1950, Louisiana Landmarks Society is the oldest statewide preservation association in Louisiana. From its inception, Louisiana Landmarks Society objectives have been: To focus attention on Louisiana historic buildings as living remains of our history and physical reminders of the rich heritage bequeathed to us.To promote the preservation of important landmarks and to encourage public appreciation and support when their loss or destruction is threatened.To foster a more general interest in the architectural traditions of this region and to encourage research and aid in publishing results.To provide a forum for those who have an interest in Louisiana landmarks and cooperate with other organizations whose activities touch upon these aims. These purposes still guide the organization as Louisiana Landmarks Society continues to lead various advocacy efforts working tirelessly to stop demolition of historic buildings to protect the quaint and distinctive character of historic neighborhoods of New Orleans.


ISBN 978-1-946160-24-9
June 5, 2018.
Hardcover Dust Jacket, 186 pp., ©2018