My Fiddlin' Grounds

My Fiddlin' Grounds

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A Documentation of the Fiddlers of the Western and Northern Regions of Louisiana and the Surrounding Areas

by Ron Yule

"The most thorough, heartfelt compilation of information on old-time country fiddling accumulated to this date. Only a fiddler would (or could) get some of the information Yule has obtained."

—Susan Roach, Folklorist, Louisiana Tech University

"A unique book with a wealth of information on early country music in Louisiana. No book on any aspect of Louisiana music contains as much detail on folk fiddlers and fiddle contests."

—Kevin Fontenot, co-editor Accordions, Fiddles, Two Step, & Swing

Includes biographies, ancestral history, fiddle contests, festivals, bands, and fiddle makers.

Hardcover, 352 pages, ©2007

ISBN: 9781887366786