The Big Picture of U.S. National Government

The Big Picture of U.S. National Government

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The Big Picture of U.S. National Government

by Rick Swanson


The Big Picture of U.S. National Government is a comprehensive introductory text for entry-level political science or civics courses in U.S. national government and politics at the university, community college, or advanced high school level.  Written by a political scientist with over fifteen years of practice in civics education, the book offers students a basic yet thorough overview of the history, theory, and practice of U.S. government.  Reviewed for accuracy of content, ideological balance, and quality of writing by fellow political scientists, its straightforward, easy-to-read conversational style focuses on the “big picture” rather than becoming bogged down in endless mundane or disconnected details.  As such, readers will come away with an organized framework of understanding, allowing them to make meaningful sense of new political information involving U.S. national government that the readers encounter later in their studies or life experience. 

Rick A. Swanson is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and the Pre-Law Advisor there as well. He has a J.D. from Southern Illinois University School of Law and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Kentucky.  In the past fifteen years he has regularly taught U.S. Government, Law and the Judicial Process, Constitutional Law, Civil Rights Law, and Civil Liberties, along with other courses involving law and politics.  Due to his subject matter expertise, he has authored book chapters, articles in political science journals and law reviews, encyclopedia entries, and book reviews, all involving the topics of government, politics, law and public policy.

ISBN: 978-1-935754-90-9

Softcover, 368 pp., ©2016