The New Orleans Riot 1866: Anatomy of a Tragedy

The New Orleans Riot 1866: Anatomy of a Tragedy

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Anatomy of a Tragedy

by Gilles Vandal

Based on meticulous research, The New Orleans Riot of 1866 examines the social, political, and economic forces that interacted to produce the most notable of the South's Reconstruction riots. Author Gilles Vandal describes the upheaval in great detail and investigates the backgrounds of the riot's leaders and minor participants to determine the cause of their involvement. The manner in which the rioters were drawn into the fracas is also outlined, as are the methods by which civil and military authorities responded to the crisis. 

Because of its trans-disciplinary approach to the 1866 riot, The New Orleans Riot of 1866
 is destined not only to become an important study of the social dynamics of riots, but also the standard work on the New Orleans upheaval that changed the course of American political history in the Reconstruction period.

Hardcover, 248 pages, ©1983

ISBN: 0940984083