Une Fantaisie collective: Anthologie du drame louisianais cadien

Une Fantaisie collective: Anthologie du drame louisianais cadien

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Anthologie du drame louisianais cadien

édition, compilation, introduction, et notes par May G. Waggoner

Twenty years ago, young Louisiana French-speakers first came together to stage plays written by themselves. Sustained by a love of the French language and their Francophone heritage, their theatrical productions did much to validate their mother tongue and their culture

The plays assembled in this collection compiled by May G. Waggoner, a member of the Modern Language Department at the University of Louisiana, constitute the most notable works staged during Louisiana's French cultural renaissance. These plays include 
Jean L 'Ours et la fille du roi; Martin Weber, constable; Mille misères: Laissant le bon temps rouler en Louisiane; Hallo, cher, Grand-M'Man's fine, an y'all?; La table des veuves; La fête à Clomaire; Le charivari; Grosbecs; Martin Weber et les Marais Bouleurs; Les Attakapas; La dernière quilte; Messieurs, mesdames et mes chers amis: une pièce en français cadien sur la vie de Dudley J. LeBlanc; and La douce réunion: des Duhon, une famille cadienne. These plays are not only notable late twentieth-century Louisiana literary landmarks, but they also provide excellent insight into the evolution of modern Cajun society. (All text in French.) 

Softcover, 366 pages, ©1999

ISBN: 9781887366304