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At UL Press, we have been working hard to provide lively and unique Louisiana-based children’s books to our readers. We are excited to share recently published titles such as When I Was an Alligator and The Adventures of Jeremy Goose, as well as many more wonderful works from previous years. We believe children’s books should not only be beautiful and entertaining but also make young readers excited about the state’s life, art, and culture. Explore our children’s titles below—from stories about how New Orleans mermaids spend their Mardi Gras and Christmastime to books about the unlikely friendship between a blind turtle and a baby crawfish with one claw—and find the perfect book for sharing a love of Louisiana with the kids in your life.


The Mermaids' Night Before Christmas

By Sally Asher; Illustrations by Melissa Vandiver

This enchanting story takes place deep in the waters beneath the North Pole, where Calliope Claus delivers gifts to mermaids all over the world. The task is no small one, but Calliope Claus has help from talented mermaids who artfully craft the gifts she delivers, as well as North Pole creatures who help her load and pull her skiff.

The Mermaids of New Orleans

By Sally Asher; Illustrations by Melissa Vandiver

Deep in the Mississippi River lies the city where the Mermaids of New Orleans swim. These mermaids love any excuse to have a celebration, eating roeballs and dancing to the music of their favorite bass bands. Each mermaid is unique, with their own hobbies, jobs, and skills. One day every year, the mermaids come out of the Mississippi and live on land—and they choose Mardi Gras of course!


When I Was an Alligator

By Gayle Webre; Illustrated by Drew Beech

Explore with this Cajun kid as she transforms into unique creatures such as a heron, an owl, an opossum, and even a mosquito! Experience the sights and sounds of the Louisiana wetlands with her, learning about Louisiana coastal wildlife along the way.


A Tip Tap Tale

By Denise Gallagher

BouZou, the musical hound dog, lives deep in the swamps of Louisiana and enjoys playing music for the bullfrogs, lightning bugs, and stars, when Slick Jim Jack the cat convinces him to bring his talent to the big city of New Aw-Leens. Find out what BouZou does with his newfound fame!

Jean-le-Chasseur et ses chiens

By Barry Jean Ancelet; Illustrations by Denise Gallagher

This adaptation of a Louisiana French folktale tells the story of Jean-le-Chasseur et ses chiens, or Jean the Hunter and his dogs. Jean loves to hunt, but when he meets an enchanting sorceress in the woods, only his loyal and beloved dogs can see her for what she really is, an evil and ugly witch who wants to kill him! English translations are provided in the back of the book.


The Legend of L’il Red

By Zachary Richard; Illustrations by Sarah Lattès

When a blind turtle meets a baby crawfish who has just lost his claw in a hurricane, he sets off on a mission to find him a new one. Throughout their journey, the unlikely friends come across many strange creatures and face many trials, but also see marvelous sights and learn great lessons.

L’il Red in the Great White North

By Zachary Richard; Illustrations by Sarah Lattès

In this second book in the Adventures of L’il Red and Hopewell Green series, L’il Red the crawfish and Hopewell Green the blind turtle travel to the Great White North (Canada) after being shot into space by a supercharged hay baler! While there, they learn many things about the strange land, and L’il Red discovers his lobster cousins and learns the history of his deported family.


The Adventures of Jeremy Goose

By Sylvaine Sancton

The Adventures of Jeremy Goose tells the story of a young goose who lives in Audubon Park. Jeremy learns about all the important things baby geese must learn, like how to eat grass, swim, and clean himself. He also encounters interesting neighboring animals, such as a squirrel, a snake, and a nutria. Throughout the book, Jeremy grows from a recently-hatched baby goose to almost as big as his dad!


B Pour Bayou: Un Abécédaire Cadien

By Richard Guidry; Illustrations by Réjean Roy

This is no ordinary alphabet book! This Abécédaire (ABC book) explores the wonders of the Louisiana French language and culture. Learn about S for the sac-à-lait that swim in the bayou and the sassafras leaves that hang in the trees! This book is excellent for anyone wishing to pass on Louisiana’s linguistic and cultural heritage.


In the Time of Joy and Wonder

By Paul Schexnayder

This tale tells the story of a king, a Trojan horse, and a blue monkey who explore the seas looking for treasures to share with their town. One day, they find an oak tree sapling and decide to nurture it, learning the joys of watching and helping a living thing reach its potential.

In the Time of Shimmer and Light

By Paul Schexnayder

When Queen Ida Peacock finds an entrancing, shimmery object, it causes envy to grow on her once peaceful island. Queen Ida must act quickly and use wisdom to make things right!

In the Time of Mission and Might

By Paul Schexnayder

Professor Flynn, a famous archaeologist and flying squirrel, becomes a detective when he finds out that the Legacy acorns have gone missing. Join him in his journey to retrieve these valuable acorns from the formidable B. J. Bandit.

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